Danyelle is the founder and owner of Gibson Grant LLC.

As a highly sought after Love & Relationship Coach and Professional Speaker, Danyelle transforms the mindsets of women who feel stuck and weighed down in life providing them with tools for self-love and self-worth to obtain the loving, healthy relationships she truly desires.  

Speaking Engagements!

Learn four simple steps that can be taken today to achieve success in life, own your self-worth, and help you step into your confidence. 

Stepping Into Your Confidence

Danyelle shares why self-care is the critical component to women's wellness.

Emotional Wellness for Women 

Danyelle shares insights on understanding that pain may at times be the pathway to your legacy.

Pain to Purpose:
The Interior Design to Your Legacy

Understanding the characteristics of a superwoman and the benefits of and ways to conquer the superwoman syndrome. 

The Superwoman Syndrome

Why I speak

When you are keenly aware that the challenges that you've faced in life are not just subject to you, but that every women, every person in life has a story, you realize you can not keep silent about your story. 

As a self proclaimed introvert....no really! 

Public speaking was the last thing I thought I'd ever do.

However, when God puts a message in your heart and you know that you are meant to share the message you realize it's time to get out of your own way and deliver the message...because frankly it's not about me. 

My pain to purpose talk is the reason why I speak.  

To share my story of infertility to others and to encourage and uplift, to support women that they are not alone and to share your life isn't over. 

I'm here to inspire others to know that despite life's challenges there is purpose in pain. 

God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling.

Signature Talks

Danyelle is founder and owner of Gibson Grant LLC. She prides herself in helping women step into who they are meant to be and obtain the love they truly desire while living a life that is uniquely beautiful and chic. Danyelle helps successful and high achieving women obtain the love and relationships she longs for.  Working with women to be as successful in love as she is in business! 

As a highly sought after Love and Relationship expert, Danyelle transforms the mindsets of women who are highly successful by outwardly standards but struggles with her own self-worth internally when it comes to relationships with men. Wondering if she can truly "have it all'. Wondering why she hasn't met "the one".  In her signature talks, live events and retreats Danyelle provides women with easy and practical tools for use in everyday life moving from uncertainty to action based results!


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