Life is a beautiful gift; a gift we should never take for granted. As such, we should live our lives as women to the greatest extent possible. Living our lives in the most loving way we can, in a way that values who we truly are places us in a position to live and love fully.  Self love is the first place to start.  When you truly love yourself you are able to love those around you. Love is the first step towards living a bigger life! You dare yourself to do bigger and greater things and you learn more about yourself in that process.  

Dare to love!

Why I coach

Living life in a mediocre way is NO way to live. 

Living life without love in it is NO way to live. 

Going through the day to day motions of life is not living. 

I understand having the challenges of life knock you down and you truly feel like you've lost a sense of yourself. But, when I decided I no longer wanted to live life in status quo and when I picked myself up from the knock down of life, that's when things in my life began to change for the better.....and LOVE was the start. 

This is why I coach...... I desire to help as many women (and men)  as possible live in a way that truly fires up their soul! To live a life that they LOVE, fostering impactful changes in the lives of people. 

Love & Relationship Programs

Who I serve

  1. I serve successful, high-achieving women who've put everything else above obtain the love she truly desires.
  2. I serve women who are ready to break free from the shoulda, coulda, to move into transforming her life right now!
  3. I serve the woman who knows in her soul she is meant for something bigger and greater as part of a committed partnership, she is ready for her partner for life!

The Marriage Manifestation Formula

This program is only for women who are SERIOUS and COMMITTED to doing the work so that she’s on the path to getting Married! In six month we change everything in your life so that you’re ready and prepared to be a wife. This program IS NOT for any or every woman. An application process is required. Click here for more info.

Love in Paris Retreat

The Love in Paris Retreat is for the sophisticated woman or the woman who truly desires the sophisticated lifestyle.  Single or Married, we explore Paris, France together, falling in love with YOU or learning the skills to attract the man of your desires. Perhaps you want to rekindle the spark of intimacy and connection in your marriage by bringing the best and highest version of yourself. You’ll return home with greater self confidence and savior faire for living! Savior faire for LIFE! Magnifique! 💋Click here to contact me.

Exquisite One Day VIP

In this one day, luxurious VIP experience we work together to address one core issue that’s holding you back from receiving the love and healthy relationship you truly desire! This VIP experience is held in the SF, Bay Area in N. California. Click here for more info.

Hello, I'm Danyelle!

I am a Love and Relationship Coach who is passionate about all things lovely, beautiful and chic, and that includes you!

Let's face it, life gets busy and as women, sometimes our needs get put on the back burner which makes us feel unbalanced. 

Sometimes we feel we've lost our way in life and wonder what does it all mean! I know, I've been there!  

What I desire most is to work with women and empower them so they can obtain the love they truly desire and live her very best life in a powerful way. 



Living a life that I love means sharing it with the one I love.

My best friend, soul-mate and love of my life, my husband. 

I am able to be the wife, friend and coach I am because of the support I receive from Jason.  I am so passionate about all things beautiful but for me I wouldn't be able to enjoy them as much if it weren't for my best friend.  We've known each other for 17 years now and life is greater each day because he's in my life. 

When you make a decision to live a life you love, remember it's always about the people in your life; not things. 

The lives you touch and the lives that are impacted by you. 

Love changes everything! 

Love is where it all begins for me...

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To live boldly, loudly and in a big way to foster transformation in the lives of my clients is my legacy! 


K.H., Success & Business Mentor 

"Danyelle is a great coach; she's helped ground me and guide me through irrational fears. She's logical and always encouraging."

Here's what the ladies are saying about 


K.O., CEO/Founder of How2Think Global Consulting Empire

"I feel beautiful.

I feel like I have come to know a part of myself that I left closed up in a box because I was expecting someone else to notice it for me.

You have gone to parts of me where I am soft, tender, bewildered, like walking about in a lush green field wandering about and wondering at the beauty and goodness that surrounds me - as if all of a sudden. Yet, it has always been there 54 and just beginning to notice beauty!

Well, time for me to be beautiful.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

You have SAVED me. You have SAVED my life.

You have OPENED MY EYES to see what was always there.

Thank you so much, Danyelle Gibson-Grant."

E.B, Professional 

"What I enjoyed most about working with Danyelle and her coaching process was her positivity, drawing from personal experience, easy to talk with, coaching skills, homework, her personality and passion for coaching. Thank you so much Danyelle, appreciate what you do and how you do it, looking forward to working with you in the future."

It's time to stop talking about what you are going to do or what you hope to do.  Time for you to take action. 

Book a free 15-minute call with me and let's see if we're a fit to work together.  

Are you ready to step into the love you truly desire?