Dare to live fabulous!

Life is a beautiful gift; a gift we should never take for granted. 

I believe that we are all connected and can support one other both inside and out through lifestyle changes, fashion, beauty and home.

Transformation is a beautiful thing if you allow it to be.

Simply put, Gibson Grant Style is all about living in a way that is beautiful and chic! 

Fashion, Beauty and Home Decor are the ways in which I showcase my style. 

I believe in living in a fabulous way that is unique to you!

In fact, I DARE you to live fabulously!

Gibson Grant Lifestyle 

Brand Defined

Do you love to travel?  Does the thought of going to Maui, Hawaii make you smile?  

If so, you are my kind of people! 

Let's travel together! 

The photo above right and directly to the right were taken in Maui at the Ritz Carlton resort.

Do you enjoy luxurious food and drink?  

Does the thought of a weekend retreat in Napa Valley fill your heart with enchantment?

That's what Gibson Grant Style, the lifestyle arm of my brand, is all about.  Living and celebrating this beautiful gift called life with joy and delight.


We share tips and provide resources on how to showcase your personal style with elegance and flair.


Home Decor

While I LOVE beauty, I fully understand our outward appearance is only a small fraction of our true beauty.  This is why I focus heavily on the internal beautification process through my coaching practice. 

BUT, once the internal work is done, it's time to showcase the diva! YES!!  

We share practical and relevant tools to look your absolute best everyday! 

I absolutely LOVE decorating!  Home spaces, home offices, I enjoy it all.  Your interior home space should be a true reflection of  who you are and how you live your life.  

 The Home Decor arm of Gibson Grant Style incorporates, interior decorating and home staging.

Living a fabulous lifestyle is all about surrounding yourself with people and things that you love.  

For me my husband and doggies are a big part of my life. 

Always remember love, the love of friends, family or signifiant others is the key and the main purpose of life. 

Where there is love

There is life

Mahatma Gandhi 

At the core Gibson Grant Lifestyle is about love

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Love your life!