Hello and welcome to my first blog post!!!  First, I’m so excited to start this new venture in my life and a little nervous, so bear with me as I take a leap into the land of blogging! I’m going to be honest and say that frankly I don’t see myself as a writer per se,  but I am a creative person and LOVE all things beautiful.

Professionally speaking I write for business purposes but never really saw myself as a creative writer.  Intrinsically, I’m highly creative when it come to aesthetics and hence this site was born!  I’m excited to have others join me in my journey to live a life of purpose and beauty.

I hope you find joy and pleasure as you read my thoughts on all things beautiful and chic! What makes me smile everyday, other than my husband and two doggies are all things celebrating fashion, beauty and home decor! So cheers to the launch of Gibson Grant Style.

Be Beautiful & Chic!