The Benefits of Home Staging


There are a number of reasons why Real Estate Agents, Realtors, and homeowners are choosing to use professional home staging as a creative selling component in home marketing.  The focus less is more in home staging will sell your home at a premium price with less stress.  Hiring Gibson-Grant Style will help sell your home smoothly and leave you feeling inspired at the same time.  We are here to help you. 

  1. Home staging helps to showcase the full potential and strengths of prospective homes.  Potential buyers can connect to the flow of the space with home staging and the objective is to have them imagine themselves living in it and loving it.  Gibson-Grant Style has extensive knowledge and experience and we are willing to share it with you because it’s our passion.
  2. Home staging makes your property stand out with professional photos and high-impact showings.  Gibson-Grant Style will give the “Wow” factor to potential buyers and make selling your home a positive experience and a memorable one.
  3. Home staging allows Real Estate Agents and Realtors to focus on selling while we take care of the rest which is giving tips and advice on how to make every room pop.  At Gibson-Grant Style, this is our priority and a collaborative win-win for all.

Contact Gibson-Grant Style today to find out more about how we can help make your sell the best possible experience and positive outcome.

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Fabulous Home Office Ideas

Working from home is the new trend. Like myself and many people who work from home, we are trying to find the best way to create an Inspiring work environment in our homes. From furniture to lightening; a chandelier ceiling fan or fur rug, the make-up of a home office must be fit for results. An elegant home office is a combined result gotten from all the functional and decorative elements put to work. A stylish and productive home working environment comes from creative details such as a comfortable chair, beautiful tea cups, chandelier ceiling fan or a fur rug. Whether you will be working from a desk nook or a spacious home office, the essence of your work remains the same.

Below are a few products to give you inspiration! With links to purchase. 

The casual elegance that makes a home office comfortable creates a pleasant and inspiring working environment. You can personalize your home office space to your taste, but ensure you keep a laid-back atmosphere– an atmosphere that is YOU. Combine a chandelier ceiling fan and fur rug, family photos and beautify writing tools, as well as books that can be combined to create a balance between a homey and professional workspace.

When productivity meets simplicity in interior decorating, inspiring home offices are created. The office space has become very important in modern times as technology keeps evolving. You should therefore not make it seem rigid. Including a Chandelier Ceiling Fan and Fur Rug can make a huge difference in keeping your home office perfect.

A space that’s absolutely YOU!