While as women we often want to be perceived as “perfect”.  The perfect wife, mother, daughter, employee, cook, gardner, entertainer, being everything to everyone else but ourselves. Being everything to everyone else but ourselves is simply a recipe for burnout! Have you taken the time to really think about what it is YOU truly want? Often when I ask women this question, many don’t have an answer!  That’s because as givers we are always thinking about other people, always thinking about how we may please someone else but rarely do we take time to think about ourselves.  This is what I’m on a journey to change.

I want beautiful, intelligent, hard-working women to begin thinking about their own dreams and desires instead of always thinking about others. This is not being selfish but instead this is being the most giving.  For you have to give fully to yourself and fill you up before you can give to anyone else.  Ever heard of the term, “you can’t give from an empty cup”?  If your personal cup is empty, what can you give to others? What can you give to your daughter if you’re empty on the inside.  Just think about it.

I challenge you today to begin to think about your dreams and desires.  What is it that you would love to do, just for yourself?  Not for your husband, not for your children, not for your sister or brother but something just for you, to make you smile and feel great! Think about your dreams and desires but not only that, begin to journal about your desires and you’ll find the more you think about what you truly want, puts you on the path to achieving your desires.

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