Why is it women have a hard time putting themselves first? By being a perfectionist and superwoman,too many women deplete themselves of all their energy by saying “yes” to everyone else.  Yes, to working hard, really hard.  I’m talking overtime, late nights and early mornings hard! Yes, to husbands, yes to children, yes to parents, yes to everyone else but themselves.  Is it that if we do consider saying yet to ourselves first we might think we’re being selfish?

As a working woman are you trying to be all things to all people? Do you feel like you must be perfect, that is the perfectionist? The perfect employee, the perfect wife, the perfect mom.

The truth is, when you take time for yourself you are in a better position to serve and give to others in your life in a greater way.

Here are three simple times to “detox: from being a Superwoman!

  1. Consider yourself to be your own best friend.
    • There’s a saying, love your neighbor as yourself.  That’s because you can’t truly love anyone else unless you love yourself first.  When you think about your best friend, don’t you care about them and love them dearly? You need to think and feel the same way about your relationship with yourself.
  2. Learn to say ‘no” often and without guilt.
    • There is nothing wrong with saying “NO” to some people and some things in your life! Figure out what’s your priority and so “NO” to everything else.  I dare you to try it for a full day!  Trust me after the first few no’s and giving yourself the gift of more time, you’ll thank me.
  3. Learn to delegate.
    • Delegation is a beautiful thing, once you learn how to do it successfully. Delegating to others then stressing out and micro-managing others isn’t  successfully delegating.  Enjoy the process of lightening your load.

Now, you are well on your way to detoxing from The Superwoman Syndrome.


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