“A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life” ~ Coco Chanel

While the statement is simple and profound, it may seem superficial but is very complex in its purpose, meaning, and depth of understanding.

Coco Chanel knew the power of a good haircut, and what it’s like to reinvent yourself through style.  She was a confident, beautiful woman who wouldn’t let others drag her down or impose their thoughts and views on her.  She lived life on her own terms, her way.

This quote says it all about how to live your life in an inspiring way that is unique to you.  Maybe what Coco Chanel is trying to say is that women need to shake things up a bit, be daring and banish that fear of scissors. 

Self-confidence is attractive. 

Think about the time when you go to the hairdresser and the feeling it gives you when you walk out of there with a gorgeous new look.  If any of you have cut your hair from long to short in one appointment, how does that feel when you walk out?  What words come to mind when you think about it?

Uplifting, shocking, transformative inside and out, fresh, a new beginning, sexy, confidence, courageous, lighter, freeing, healthy, beautiful, stylish, sleek, chic, powerful, authentic you, and fun?!

People who see you are amazed at the difference because in order to transform your hair into something completely different, you need to transform yourself from within, first.  It’s about changing your attitude or perspective.  You have made a conscious decision to embrace change, to go against the norm, clean up the old with something new and it’s time to get your groove back girl!  Especially if you are just healing from a breakup, this is the best time to do it because it’s going to help give you that bounce in your step and fall in love with you all over again, because you’re worth it. 

Make it a game changer by gaining a new perspective on life.

Worst case scenario is that you don’t like it.  The good news is that it’s just hair, and it grows back so not to worry girls.  Best case scenario is that you love it and it makes you shine from the inside out because there’s nothing more liberating than a woman who has the freedom of choice.

A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life is no word of a lie, but instead words to live by. 

Thanks, Coco. 

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